In 2021 I graduated with a degree in Happiness and lived as a Zen monk. Here’s what I learned… “Jackson jacksons like a Jackson. You you like a you. There is no predefined path. There is no answer to the riddle that is my life. The act of solving the riddle is my life – and it is…
Study Happiness 3x - quote, news story and big idea
Study Happiness 3X: 1 Quote + 1 Story + 1 Big Idea
Here's a practical treatment of Zen as discussed over a few beers with a friend...
Romantic love, the nature of self, right/wrong motivation, and other big questions about the mystery of human experience...
This is the closest I’ll get to a mindfulness clickbait headline - but it’s too good of a story to pass up. Let me explain… I’ve spent over 1,000 hours…
Happiness 3x... 1 Quote + 1 News + 1 Idea
Here's a life lesson on happiness through contemplative practice and self-psychology.
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The Study of Happiness