“The Happiness PhD” with Jackson Kerchis

“There’s no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” — Thích Nhất Hạnh

I'm creating my own Happiness PhD. 

My name's Jackson. I'm a former startup executive, management consultant, and Zen monk. I created the world's first bachelor's in Happiness Studies and taught the first happiness class at the University of Alabama.

My life’s work is to study happiness. 

There was a famous Sociologist named Niklas Luhmann who, after years of independent study was awarded a professorship. He was asked to name his project and he said… 

My project was entitled, at that time and since: Theory of Society”; term: 30 years; costs: none.” 

I feel I could say something similar: Theory of Happiness; duration: lifetime; costs: none. 

I want to understand as well as (more importantly) embody and experience happiness. And I want to support others in doing the same. This is a highly practical endeavor. I am not so concerned with philosophy or publishing research. I am concerned with: 

  • How do you become happier? 

  • How do organizations support happiness? 

  • How does humanity become happier? 

I share practical insights from the art and science of happiness.

In doing so I hope to contribute to our shared understanding of happiness and support a sort of “happiness revolution” — a fundamental shift in our way of being. I hope to cultivate happiness for one and for all. 

For an open access knowledge-base of learning, research, and resources visit StudyHappiness.notion.site

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I’m an ex startup CEO and zen monk who created the first Happiness Studies degree. I write and speak about Zen living, contemplative psychology, and the study of happiness. 70K+ have read or viewed my lessons on happiness.